Brae and Co Photography was born out of a family passion for photography, and the love for creating digital art. With photography, we can crystallise a single moment into something that lasts an eternity - a picture. Something so basic as taking a photo can become something that is cherished for many years.

At Brae and Co Photography, we love capturing these moments in their purest and most natural form - capturing a laughter and smile forever. We typically photograph subjects in candid settings with minimal prompts, to maintain the truest memory of the moment. Read more about our team below who are the faces behind the lens!



Ely is the creative force and owner behind Brae + Co Photography. With over 6 years of freelance Photography and Videography experience, Ely has been capturing the essence of life's moments at birthdays, corporate events, and family gatherings. Photography is not just a profession but a cherished family tradition for Ely. This passion extends beyond the lens, shared with a budding enthusiast—her 5-year-old son, who joyfully embraces photography. As the heart and soul of our team, Ely infuses each session with professionalism and heartfelt connections, ensuring every moment is not just captured but celebrated.



Josiah is a passionate lens artist whose childhood love for capturing moments developing into a thriving career. With a camera in hand since youth, photography became more than a profession for him. Josiah is a true people person, reveling in the joy of meeting new faces. His work is not just about images; it's storytelling through the lens. Josiah is also a great graphic artist, working with non-for-profit organisations to help grow through digital mediums. With a warm spirit and a knack for freezing timeless moments, Josiah brings a unique and personal touch to every session with Brae + Co Photography!



“"An absolute pleasure working with Ely, highly recommend for any of your events, must have photographer!"”

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