Brae and Co Photography was born out of a family passion for photography, and the love for creating digital art. With photography, we can crystallise a single moment into something that lasts an eternity - a picture. Something so basic as taking a photo can become something that is cherished for many years, and so I decided to pursue photography as both a passion and a career.

At Brae and Co Photography, love capturing these moments in their purest and most natural form - capturing a laughter and smile forever. I typically photograph subjects in candid settings with minimal prompts, to maintain the truest memory of the moment.

I have been a freelance Photographer and Videographer for over 6 years, capturing memories such as birthdays, corporate events, and family gatherings. The joy photography brings me has been shared within my family, with my 5 year old son regularly picking up a camera whenever he get's the chance!


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